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jeep renegade key light on dash

Either way the stealership will be raping you shortly LOL I've been keeping an eye on mine and haven't seen it since I wrote this thread, go figure. Join Prime to save $1.09 on this item. So I changed the crank position sensor tried a different battery key dancing unhooking battery in all different kinds if ways and unlocking with keys and the sentry light just stays on not flashing will crank all day and won't start has Guage is on empty and I know there is has in there and no radio lights but it works only 127000 miles and has 2 keys 2 fobs both fobs work niether key does anything both work in door, Just had it happen in the '07 JKU limo. ... there's a lot of glass which lets a lot of light into the cabin and with a light-coloured roof lining it isn't too bad in there regardless of the car's spec. I've been doing some googling and I'm worried it will die on me while I'm driving. If it stays lit through several typical driving cycles, make an appointment with your local Jeep service center for a professional diagnosis. Disconnected and re-connected after about three minutes (to let all capacitors in any electronics drain down). What color is your Key? After about 4 hours, the car was turned off on a city street, all running lights and radio stayed on, keys were removed, and car was completely unresponsive to keys, key fab, or buttons on door such as power locks/ windows. After another subzero overnight, it wouldn't turn over again today. I'm also curious if the cold is finally getting to my battery, which I have no idea of how old it is, it came with the jeep from the PO. They thought it was a bad key fob but I knew that wasn't the case since this was happening with both my key fobs. Everything is hooked up and in place; but the poor thing won't start! I’ve had two locksmiths come out and neither of them could program new keys for it. After the mechanic replaced the engine it started but then shut back off and that light came on. The engine can be severely damaged if oil pressure is lost. I plan to set up a normally closed solenoid with a remote rocker switch to reset it if it happens to the family and I'm not there. This page was generated at 01:57 PM. My difference however is that the light only comes on in the morning, after its been very cold out the night before, like 3 degrees. Fuse Layout Jeep Renegade 2014-2019… Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Jeep Renegade are the fuse F94 (Power Socket) in the Instrument panel fuse box, and fuse F18 (Rear Cargo Outlet Ignition Powered), F30 (12V Rear Cargo Outlet Constant Battery Powered) in the Engine compartment fuse box. I thought that a SKIM issue usually let the jeep turn over, but just quit after a few seconds. No problems with the cables. The key symbol with the slash through it is on and my jeep will not start. Wish I could help, Starts and drives fine haha, I know all of my grounds are good because I've checked every one on my Jeep. It acts like it wants to , but won't turn over, so the anti theft device must be on. However, if you want to learn more about the dashboard warning lights on your 2020 Jeep Renegade or other Jeep models you can find this information in your owner’s manual. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to do these following steps, but it is not working. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts ... Past 2 days when I go to start the Jeep the SKIM light (key with circle around it) will be on and yellow but it's acting like it's flickering, not a flash but like the bulb is going out or something. I saw it in a movie once! I got my Renegade 2017 in March, about a week ago the SERVICE PASSIVE ENTRY SYSTEM message pop up with a yellow light, that looks like a key. I did try pushing the start button (without the brake) and that did NOT work for me. I had the same problem on a 2014 JKU. I just had 2 new keys programmed to this Jeep about a year ago as well as a new immobolizer installed at that time as well. The 2020 Jeep® Renegade gets you to your destination safely and securely. Sounds fun, maybe tomorrow when it is a little warmer I'll pull my ECU connectors, thanks for the heads up. The Jeep registered trademark is property of DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Today I took it to the dealer, and to my surprise nobody at the service department knows what it is. If anyone has had this in JK's, please post your findings. See all problems of the 2015 Jeep Renegade . I am not sure what would cause the ECU to lose the key programing. I just had a local mechanic install an engine into my 02 Jeep grand cherokee limited. I noticed that the key light is on on the dash board. Most guys can come to your Jeep and program the keys to the Jeep. If this light remains on, or turns on while you are driving, it indicates a problem with your anti-lock brake system. Little Key Indicator on Dash. ESP BAS Light Causes: Jeep Wrangler Just like with any other major vehicle problem, you’re going to want to get a reading of your Wrangler’s diagnostic trouble codes. That I can't say for sure, I am kind of a newbie sorta, Still trying to figure out everything myself. If so, you would need to reprogram it with the correct PIN for it to work properly, a dealer can do that for a minimal fee. I wonder if it is cold related. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. After turning off the Jeep, it would not restart. Fueled up and took it home. We’re assuming you already know about the more-known engine light, oil light, and flat tire warning.

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